Online Attendance Management System Using Face Recognition Techniques

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Sai Vamshi Challamalla
Tarun Chandra Manepally
Sai Yaswanth Reddy Legala
K Venkatesh Sharma


Attendance is an important issue for every school and college because it is the primary way to monitor each student's regularity. Currently, attendance in schools and colleges is tracked using an attendance sheet, a time-consuming process that necessitates the storage of data files. We can also do other things within the allotted time for attendance. Using both simultaneously may allow the student to obtain additional information from the instructor. Keeping track of students' attendance during lecture periods has become difficult. Furthermore, because attendance is manually recorded, it is easily manipulated. It is also difficult to verify every student in the class. The standard attendance method is computerized, which provides the foundation for developing an automatic attendance management system. This system can be used to automate existing techniques and methodologies. The attendance monitoring system has simplified management's lives by making attendance marking a breeze. Face detection and image recognition are critical in various applications, including the Attendance Management System. This system detects human faces using a camera and algorithms to detect images. Captured images, face detection, database development, preprocessing, and feature extraction are used to create an automated attendance system. This type of system is applicable in any academic context.

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Sai Vamshi Challamalla, Tarun Chandra Manepally, Sai Yaswanth Reddy Legala, and K Venkatesh Sharma, “Online Attendance Management System Using Face Recognition Techniques”, Int. J. Comput. Eng. Res. Trends, vol. 9, no. 8, pp. 158–169, Aug. 2022.
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