A Novel Cryptographic Protocol for Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Computing

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Pradeep G
P Satyanaryana
S. Ramamoorthy


In the realm of cloud computing, ensuring the secure sharing of data is of paramount importance. This paper introduces a novel cryptographic protocol meticulously designed to address this challenge while achieving several key objectives. The objectives include ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data shared across cloud platforms, facilitating access control mechanisms for authorized users, and optimizing performance in terms of latency and throughput. The prevalent issue with existing systems lies in their struggle to strike a balance between robust security and optimal performance. Traditional protocols often compromise on one aspect to enhance the other, thereby creating potential vulnerabilities or leading to inefficiencies. The proposed methodology seeks to rectify these shortcomings by presenting a unique combination of encryption techniques. By leveraging both symmetric and asymmetric encryption, the protocol ensures that data shared across the cloud is secure and accessible only to authorized users. Additionally, cryptographic hash functions are employed to verify the integrity of the data, ensuring that it remains unaltered during transmission. An access control mechanism further ensures that only authorized users can access the shared data, thereby enhancing security. The findings from the evaluation of the proposed protocol are noteworthy. The protocol not only achieves a high confidentiality score of 0.99 but also maintains an integrity score of 0.98, indicating that it successfully protects data from unauthorized access and alterations. Moreover, the protocol ensures swift data processing and retrieval, as evidenced by the encryption/decryption time of just 0.05 seconds per MB. These achievements are indicative of the protocol's potential to set new standards in secure data sharing within cloud computing environments. By successfully addressing the limitations of existing systems and presenting a solution that is both secure and efficient, the proposed protocol stands out as a significant contribution to the field.



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Pradeep G, P Satyanaryana, and S. Ramamoorthy, “A Novel Cryptographic Protocol for Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Computing ”, Int. J. Comput. Eng. Res. Trends, vol. 10, no. 11, pp. 10–18, Nov. 2023.
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