Decentralized Access Control to Secure Data Storage on Clouds

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D.V. Himaja
Dr.S.Prem Kumar


Cloud computing is a growing computing standard in which the computing structure is given as a examine over the Internet. The Cloud computing tool gives ability of data storage and access for cloud users, but when outsourcing the data to a third party results in safety issue of cloud data so data are confined by restricting the data. We propose a new decentralized access control system for secure data storage in the clouds that supports anonymous authentication. In this method, the cloud checks the means of the series without knowing the user’s individuality before storing data in the clouds. Our method adds extra feature in access control for which only skilled users are able to decrypt the data stored on cloud. This method prevents repeat attacks and supports the creation, alteration, and reading data stored in the cloud. We also address, user revocation. We propose a new representation for data storage and access in clouds. Our method avoids storing multiple encrypted copies of the same data. In our structure for secure data storage, cloud stores encrypted data (without being able to decrypt them). The main innovation of this model is addition of key distribution centers (KDCs).

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D.V. Himaja, K.Lakshmi, and Dr.S.Prem Kumar, “Decentralized Access Control to Secure Data Storage on Clouds”, Int. J. Comput. Eng. Res. Trends, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 13–18, Jan. 2016.
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