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International Journal
of Computer Engineering in Research Trends (IJCERT)

Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed, Open Access and Multidisciplinary

Welcome to IJCERT

International Journal of Computer Engineering in Research Trends. Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed,Open Access and Multidisciplinary

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   How can we publish our conference proceedings with IJCERT?

The conference organizers should email a request to The conference shall be evaluated by IJCERT advisory panels. Once approval is granted by the panel, the conference organizers shall be asked to submit the conference proceedings with IJCERT. The proceedings shall be published and available in both print and online versions.

How much time needed for approval?

If all the information (solicited by IJCERT) is furnished duly, the notifications shall be informed within 5 working days.

How much does time is needed to publish the proceedings?

IJCERT typesetting teams shall require a minimum of 7 days (from the date of submission of the proceedings' papers) to complete the publication process in both print and online formats.

Is there any particular paper format?

IJCERT recommends the conference organizers to accept the final papers according to the IJCERT template. The set of papers should be submitted to IJCERT in DOC/DOCX format.

Special Issue Guidelines

Special Issues are an important component of International Journal of Computer Engineering in Research Trends (IJCERT) . They deal with more focused topics with high current interest falling within the scope of the journal in which they are published. They should be organized by recognized experts in the area and attract articles of the highest quality.

Special Issue proposals are welcome at any time during the year, and Proposals should be submitted to , and they are subject to approval by the journal's Editorial Board. A proposal should not exceed 1-2 pages.

Proposals for Special Issues should include the following:

Proposals for Special Issues should be submitted by the Lead Guest Editor of the Special Issue and should include the following:

All proposals are subject to approval by the journal following a discussion of the proposed Special Issue among the Journals Editorial Board. If approved, a Call-for-Papers for the Special Issue will be issued and posted online.

Special Issues are made freely available online to all interested readers leading to the maximum possible dissemination and recognition within the scientific community. Special Issues can be viewed and downloaded on the individual article level, but are also available in an edited volume format as a single PDF published with a custom cover. They are also made available in print for all readers interested in a print edition.

Special issues of IJCERT should offer

They should

Proposals should

Editing a “Successful” Special Issue

Once a proposal has been approved in principle by the Editorial Board, it is the responsibility of the Guest Editor(s) to deliver the soft copy of the entire issue to the IJCERT within the agreed time-scale. Guest Editors must organize a double-blind reviewing process for all papers submitted for inclusion in the special issue, so as to:

The editors of International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering require seeing copies of all correspondence between reviewers and Guest Editors at the time that the completed draft of the special issue is submitted to International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering .

Guest Editors should keep the editor of IJCERT informed by e-mail of the progress in preparing the special issue and in particular alert the IJCERT authorities in advance if agreed deadlines are likely to slip.

Once the final selection of papers has been made and final versions as per IJCERT format and author guidelines of all these have been received, the Guest Editors should send electronic copies to the Editor. The guest editors will be provided with special FTP privileges to upload the papers onto IJCERT server system.

The editorial board of IJCERT will check the quality (like: originality, novelty, clarity, research contributions, completeness, relevance, significance, methodology, presentation style) of the issue before forwarding it for publication in the Digital Library and print version of the same. The Editorial Board reserves the right to request a third review of papers and, if necessary, to request modifications to an issue before approving it for publication. However, the procedures set out above are designed to minimize the need for such measures.





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IJCERT is peer-reviewed scientific Research journal to endorse conservation. We have not put up a paywall to readers, But running a monthly journal costs is a lot. IJCERT has been changed the publication policy from Free publication to pay because of increasing the maintenance cost and other editorial charges. The understanding and cooperation of the author are highly solicited.we still need support to keep the journal flourishing. If our readers help fund it, our future will be more secure.

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