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The Study of Development of Standard Operating Protocols for Nurses With Reference To Communication with Client and Relatives in Intensive care Unit (ICU)

Dr. Sangeetha Sunil Bhujbal, , , ,
Nursing Lecturer, Dept. Of Nursing, B.J.Govt Medical, Pune,Maharastra, India.

Intensive care unit is an area which creates fear and worries in client and relatives while nurses working in this area undergo stress to overcome, this there is a need for the nurse to understand the importance of communication in an Intensive care Unit . Communication skills are relatively poorly developed among critical care nurses compared to nurses in wards.1 Objective- It was to enhance communication between the nurse and client by assessing the effectiveness of Standard Operating Protocol on practices of nurses regarding communication with the clients and relatives in intensive care unit at selected hospitals in the state of Maharashtra as there were no protocols existing in the intensive care unit for nurses. Method and Statistical analysis- A descriptive evaluative approach, Pre experimental time series one group pretest post-test design was used. Total of 220 nurses selected by purposive sampling technique. Tools were Standard Operating Protocols. Teaching Module, An observation checklists with socio-demographic data. Observation technique was used to observe the practices. Data were analyzed using both descriptive and inferential statistics. The result of the study showed. There was a significant association of educational qualification with post-test-1 observational practices as p = < 0.0001. There was no association with observed practice score and socio-demographic data during pretest and posttest- 2. In Communication with client Area of nonverbal communication improved from 41% to 91%. Reassurance and comfort also increased from 41% to 84%. Communication with client’s relatives enhanced from 43% to 93% in the majority as an aspect of the checklist.

Dr. Sangeetha Sunil Bhujbal ."The Study of Development of Standard Operating Protocols for Nurses With Reference To Communication with Client and Relatives in the Intensive care Unit (ICU)". International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends (IJCERT) , ISSN:2349-7084, Vol.7, Issue 08,pp.11-19, August - 2020, URL:,

Keywords : Communication, Intensive Care Unit, Protocols

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