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Prototype for Design and Development of Video Surveillance Robot

Vikram Jain, Kritika Poojari, Anita Chaudhari, ,
Mumbai University, India

This paper proposes a method for the surveillance in the vicinity of the armed forces where there is exposure to intruders/prosecutor throughout. The Video Surveillance Robot is designed in such a way using the IoT (Internet of Things) it can give an overview of the operations all over. The armed forces require 24×7 vigilance, which is not feasible for human because of invasion of the intruders, which is extensive at times. In earlier days, the robots were composed with an unreliable approach that it had several limitations comparably of expenditure, magnitude, confidentiality, connection and manual surveillance. So, the wireless Video Surveillance Robot plays an essential role in armed forces and becomes a helping hand to the military personnel. The Video Surveillance Robot provides continuous live video streaming of the area on a Webpage or mobile phone with the help of a web camera. And the pi camera captures the images of circumstances and simultaneously uploads them on the Cloud. The ultrasonic sensors detect the obstacle in the lead and find the most extended pathway for continuous supervision. The exclusive Video Surveillance system is implemented on Raspberry Pi3, which includes the Raspbian Operating System, and it operates with the language Python to write a program for numerous segments for the robotic system.

Vikram Jain, Kritika Poojari, Anita Chaudhari."Prototype for Design and Development of Video Surveillance Robot". International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends (IJCERT) , ISSN:2349-7084, Vol.7, Issue 04,pp.28-34, April - 2020, URL :,

Keywords : Raspberry Pi 3, Power battery, L293D, Ultrasonic sensor, Video surveillance, Web camera, Pi camera, Server motor, Webpage.

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