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IoT Based Weather Monitoring System

Suryakant Acharekar, Prashant Dawnade, Binay Kumar Dubey, Prof. Prabhakar Mhadse ,
Electronics & Telecommunication, Bharat College Of Engineering, University Of Mumbai

The IoT Technology provided in this paper is a good option for surveillance the weather data at a particular region and make the data visible anywhere in the world. The idea behind this is Electronic sensors connected to the Public Internet by using IoT technology. The data fetched from the embedded system can be accessible over the Internet from anywhere in the world. In some area, it will be challenging to check and monitor the vital weather parameter through wires and analogue devices during some weather hazards. To resolve this problem here, electronic sensors are used to review and monitor the weather parameters.

Suryakant Acharekar ,Prashant Dawnade,Binay Kumar Dubey,Prof. Prabhakar Mhadse."IoT Based Weather Monitoring System". International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends (IJCERT) ,ISSN:2349-7084 ,Vol.7, Issue 04,pp.20-22, April - 2020, URL :,

Keywords : IoT Technology; Weather Monitoring System; Embedded System, Microcontroller, Environment data study.

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