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Utilization of Plastic Waste Materials in Manufacturing of Bricks & Paver Blocks

Mr. Abhay Singh Chahal, Mrs. Neetu Balhara , , ,
Civil department, Matu Ram Institute of Engineering and Management, MDU University, Rothak, Haryana, INDIA

The paper elucidates about the proper utilization of plastic materials in civil construction projects. The volume of plastic waste is increased, which results in creating unbalance in the environment by polluting land, air as well as water. According to CPCB (central pollution control board), India generates almost 26,000tonnes of plastic per day. From 26,000tonnes near about 10,000 tonnes a day, the plastic waste remains uncollected, and that plastic ends up in the natural environment mostly in seas. A vast amount of plastic waste is brought from tourist attraction regions, which further burnt and finally leads to toxic gasses that are harmful to even living beings. To outcome from this problem, the use of plastic should be controlled, and plastic waste should be utilized properly so that it does not create pollution. Nowadays, such waste material utilized in a different type of road construction and in other civil construction, which shows the hope of tackling this issue. In brick blocks, carry bags, disposable, PET, HDPE, and PE are used with sand to obtain high strength. These days, plastic waste used as a modifier, which further helps in a reduction in the volume of cement and results as a decrease in the overall cost required to complete the construction work. The plastic helps to raise the melting point for bitumen. Even moisture will not seep from brick due to the presence of plastic, which increases the working periods before any repairs of the building.

Mr. Abhay Singh Chahal, Ms. Neetu Balhara."Utilization of Plastic Waste Materials in Manufacturing of Bricks & Paver Blocks". International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends (IJCERT), ISSN:2349-7084, Vol.7, Issue 04,pp.1-5, April - 2020, URL:,

Keywords : plastic waste, paver blocks, strength

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