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Energy aware clustering approach for routing mechanism in WSN using Cuckoo Search

Navdeep Kumar Chopra, Rajesh Kumar Singh, , ,
1*: Ph.D (Research Scholar),CSE, IKGPTU, Jalandhar, Punjab, India <br> 2: Professor and Principal, SUS Institute of Computer Science, Mohali, Punjab, India

Background/Objectives: In WSN, numerous obstacles are there in providing Quality of Service (QoS) routing at some preferred level. The main concern of the routing protocols in WSN is to offer energy-efficient framework. To propose an energy-efficient routing protocol, stability and overall lifetime has a major role. Therefore, this research article has an objective to propose an energy-efficient clustering method in WSN using cuckoo search for routing protocol. Methods/Statistical analysis: This research has proposed a route discovery process with the cluster heads (CH). The CH distortion of CH has been identified later on and for the optimization of battery life, Cuckoo Search (CH) optimization algorithm has been used. Findings: It has been discovered that with the utilization of proposed CS mechanism, the CH method become speedy and the selected CH helps in the prevention of packet loss as of maximal energy. Improvements/Applications: With the usage of CS method, an enhancement has been noticed in proposed work by means of remaining battery power, throughput and Packet Delivery ratio (PDR). To be precise, 3.9% of improvement has been drawn than the conventional methods.

Navdeep Kumar Chopra,Rajesh Kumar Singh."Energy aware clustering approach for routing mechanism in WSN using Cuckoo Search". International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends (IJCERT) ,ISSN:2349-7084 ,Vol.6, Issue 07,pp.340-345, July - 2019, URL :,

Keywords : WSN, Clustering, routing mechanism, Energy efficiency, Cuckoos Search

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