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Role of Open Source Software in E-Governance

S. Prem Kumar, Archana Thakur, C. Umashankar, V.V.Venkata Ramana,
Dr S. Prem Kumar, Prof & Head, Dept. of CSE, G. Pullaiah College of Engg & Technology, Kurnool, India
Deputy Secretary, UGC, New Delhi
Prof. C. Umashankar, Registrar, Rasthriya Sanskrit Vidhya Peetha, Tirupathi, India,
Senior Technical Director, NIC, Hyderabad, India.

In day to day activities, e-Governance applications are becoming part of every citizen’s life. The models of eGovernance are G2C, G2G, G2B with which the respective stake holders are enjoying the benefits. In the wide spread of eGovernance, it is quite obvious to notice that there are innumerable applications of e-Governance which help the human race for quality life. The major ingredients of e-Governance are Connectivity, Information, Skill set, Budget. The cost of software is the major hurdle in introducing novel beneficial e-Governance applications. This can be mitigated using free and Open Source Software(OSS). Improper implementation of e-Governance activities leads to problems which can be controlled by eGovernance frame work elements like planning, audit on services, social audit, infra structure audit, professional audit, software audit, software down time, budgeting the total projects under the umbrella activities of free and Open Source Software(FOSS). International organizations such as UNESCO, IOSN etc are promoting free and open source software because of its benefits of savings, security, scalability, reliability, precession, interoperability and globalization. The return on investment is the major focus of the governments which is possible with OSS and also this in turn reduces the financial burden on public and makes them enjoy the real fruits of e-Governance applications.

S. Prem Kumar,Archana Thakur,C. Umashankar,V.V.Venkata Ramana."Role of Open Source Software in E-Governance". International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends (IJCERT) ,ISSN:2349-7084 ,Vol.1, Issue 06,pp.357-366, DECEMBER - 2014, URL :,

Keywords : e-Governance, Open Source, Free ware, Security, Scalability, Reliability, Interoperability

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