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Well-Organized Security Solution for Privacy Preserving Cloud Services

M.Asma Farheen, M.Manasa, B.Ragalatha, Ms. K.Lakshmi,
Department of IT, G.Pullaiah College of Engineering and Technology. Kurnool JNTU Anatapur, Andhra Pradesh, India

The cloud computing could be a new computing model that comes from grid computing, distributed computing, parallel computing, virtualization technology, utility computing and alternative laptop technologies during this paper, we have a tendency to present a unique privacy-preserving security resolution for cloud services. We have a tendency to wear down user identification and secure communication. Our resolution provides solely registered users to access cloud services. Our resolution offers anonymous authentication. This implies that users’ personal attributes (age, valid registration, and successful payment) may be proved while not revealing users’ identity. Our resolution offers secure communication of transmitted information.

M.Asma Farheen,M.Manasa,B.Ragalatha,Ms. K.Lakshmi."Well-Organized Security Solution for Privacy Preserving Cloud Services". International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends (IJCERT) ,ISSN:2349-7084 ,Vol.1, Issue 04,pp.240-244, OCTOBER - 2014, URL :,

Keywords : Cloud Service Provider, RSA public key, privacy-enhancing technologies (PET’s), standards development organizations (SDOs)

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