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Electronic Mouse for Disabled People

Shubham Pradip Navale, Prasad Suresh Tatar, Prashant Rajendra Teli and D.B.Salunke4, ,


This paper shows the design of computer mouse for disabled people using MEMS accelerometer, MIC and reflection sensor. The movement of cursor on computer is controlled by accelerometer which is mounted on the side of head with the help of rubber band. When head is tilted in some direction, in left/right/forward/backward, accelerometer will sense the tilt. To perform click operation two sensors are used. First is MIC, when air is blown on MIC which is placed in front of mouth it performs clicking operations. If there is a single air blow then it will perform left click operation and if air is blown two times then it will perform right click. Suppose the person is not able to blow air on MIC or is exhausted then second sensor is used. The second sensor is reflection sensor which is mounted in front of cheek. When cheek muscle is moved it is sensed by reflection sensor. If cheek muscle is moved one time then left click operation is performed and if it is moved twice then right click operation is performed. The equipment uses AVR microcontroller ATmega 16A as a control unit. It is used to capture the output of all three sensors and process the data. After processing microcontroller sends commands to computer through MAX232 and DB9 connector. The commands coming from serial port are decoded in the software. Then software will perform the operation of mouse on computer.

Shubham Pradip Navale et al., International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends Volume 3, Issue 5, May-2016, pp. 251-254

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