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Expedite Effective Client Navigation System through Improved Website Structure

Mohammad Raziuddin, T. Venkata Ramana, , ,
Assistant Professor, NMREC
Professor & HOD, CSE, SLC's IET

Planning well-structured websites to encourage successful client navigation has long been a test. A fundamental reason is that the web designers' comprehension of how a site ought to be organized can be extensively unique in relation to that of the clients. While different strategies have been anticipated to relink web pages to enhance navigations utilizing client route information, the completely revamped new structure can be to a great degree eccentric, and the expense of muddling clients after the progressions stays unanalyzed. This paper addresses how to enhance a website without presenting considerable changes. In particular, we propose a numerical programming model to enhance the client navigation on a website while minimizing modifications to its present structure. Results from far reaching tests directed on an openly accessible genuine information set demonstrate that our model not just fundamentally enhances the client route with not very many changes, additionally can be effectively comprehended. Also, we define two evaluation metrics and use them to assess the performance of the improved website using the real data set. Evaluation results confirm that the user navigation on the improved structure is indeed greatly enhanced. More interestingly, we find that heavily unsettled users are more likely to benefit from the improved structure than the less disoriented users.

Mohammad Raziuddin,T. Venkata Ramana."Expedite Effective Client Navigation System through Improved Website Structure". International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends (IJCERT) ,ISSN:2349-7084 ,Vol.6, Issue 04,pp.481-485, April - 2019, URL :,

Keywords : Website Design, User Navigation, Web Mining, Mathematical Programming

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