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Design & Fabrication of Multi-level Screening Machine

D P Jadhav, Harishchandra Ekal, Karan Jambhale, Mahadev Garad, ,
Department of Mechanical Engineering D. Y. Patil College of Engineering and Technology, Kolhapur, India

Different type of material in powder form or solid form is separated by using two-level screening machines. This machine can be used in different industries like mining, chemical, food & in metallurgical industries to separate component in different sizes. The work can be done by very few people. It requires very less time for completing work. This screening machine is made up of solid material like steel having high strength. It has two opening sides, from which different types of sand are obtained. In that screening machine two screens are placed to separate different size of components. The screens are made up of the wire mesh and come in various grid sizes

D P Jadhav,Harishchandra Ekal,Karan Jambhale, Mahadev Garad (2018). Design & Fabrication of Multi-level Screening Machine. International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 5(3), 82-86. Retrieved from

Keywords : Sieve, Screen, Machine, Design.

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