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Shantha Priya.E, Sudha.V, Balakrishnan.C, ,
Student Computer Science and Engineering, S.A.Engineering College, Chennai

A novel flag quality-mindful Internet of Things empowered electro cardiogram (ECG) telemetry framework for ceaseless cardiovascular wellbeing checking applications. The proposed quality-mindful ECG checking framework comprises of three modules the fundamental goals of this paper are outline and improvement of a light-weight ECG for naturally arranging the procured ECG motion into worthy or inadmissible class and continuous usage of proposed IOT-empowered ECG observing structure utilizing ECG sensors, controller, and cloud server. The proposed framework will give the promising outcome and the battery lifetimes will build due to the nature of flag from an adequate transmission.

Shantha Priya.E,Sudha.V,Sujitha.T, Balakrishnan.C.(2018). SURVEY ON REAL-TIME ANALYSIS OF ECG TELEMETRY SYSTEM. International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 5(2), 34-36. Retrieved from

Keywords : RASP, KNN, range query, threat model, ECG sensor, Controller, Cloud Server

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