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B.Sindhu Bala, M.Swetha, M.Tamilarasi and D.Vinodha, ,
Computer Science and Engineering, S.A.Engineering College, Chennai

Nowadays women are facing many security problems in the society. In such cases, they feel handicap and need help to protect them. Even though many technologies have been introduced for women still kidnapping, eve teasing and sexual harassment are taking place in our country. When the women face into unsecured situations, to ensure the safety, automatic detection system needs to establish which send an alert message which includes the location of the police department. This can be done by sensing various factors such as abnormal sounds, body reaction like trembling, dreading and heartbeat which can be sensed using sensor and to provide the alert message.In this paper, we surveyed the existing mechanism for detecting locations, for sending communications and collecting physical parameters of the human body using sensors.

B.Sindhu Bala,M.Swetha,M.Tamilarasi and D.Vinodha.(2018). SURVEY ON WOMEN SAFETY USING IOT. International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 5(2), 16-24. Retrieved from

Keywords : Automatic detection, alert message, abnormal sound, heartbeat, trembling, sensor.

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