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Improving Public Safety in Everyday's Life Using Mobile Computing Applications

Arwa AlKhunine, Mohammed Imran, , ,
Computer Science Department, College of Computer Science & Information Technology, Dammam, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University ,34212, Saudi Arabia
:10.22362/ijcert/2017/v4/i11/xxxx [UNDER PROCESS]

Keeping the public safe has always been the most important task of the country. Different kinds of incidents happen almost every day and usually, they are not reported correctly to the intended department. The main departments in the country are (1) law enforcement, (2) fire department, and (3) emergency medical services. This paper presents several improvements for selected research studies in order to make the three departments well-connected and suitable for public areas. Indoor GPS helps in locating specific incidents' area inside buildings, this helps in saving the time and effort to assist any incident. Saving lives is an important aspect to maintain a healthy and safe environment where an immediate health care is provided to the injured which increases their chances to heal faster. Also, improved fire detection and controlling system helps in eliminating the danger and damage to other's property. Further, we should engage the citizens in the incident reporting process via providing user-friendly applications, arranging awareness campaigns, and adopting new technologies to make devices intelligent enough so they won't need a human controller.

Arwa AlKhuninei and Mohammed Imran (2017). Improving Public Safety in Everyday's Life Using Mobile Computing Applications. International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 4(11), 456-460. Retrieved from

Keywords : Safety, Public, GPS, Emergency, Incident

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