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A Honeypot for a Small Network using Raspberry pi

Rodney Anthony Raj, Chayapathi A R , , ,
Information science and engineering, Acharya Institute of Technology, Doctor Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560107, India.
:10.22362/ijcert/2017/v4/i8/xxxx [UNDER PROCESS]

The security is the biggest worry around the world let it be in any field or life. It is nothing different in cyber or network where the security is the biggest concern thinking about attacks which could happen anytime. So, this project is upon security, cyber security. Where a forensic device is built to monitor the network, and find the details of attackers1. This device does not act as an antivirus rather pulls the attacker to run some exploits and make them fall into the trap, a honeypot device which will perform all this when connected to a network. This device can also be used in forensics during crime scene to identify if any attacker is trying to steal any data. This device will not completely screen off the attacker or the attack but rather will notify and keep us on the tab by telling us there’s attack which may happen or happening. Attacks will never be stopped if we are connected to the internet. Hence, the solution provided here is to find out the attackers.

Rodney Anthony Raj, Chayapathi A R . (2017).A Honeypot for a Small Network using Raspberry pi. International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 4(8), 319-324. Retrieved from

Keywords : Malware, Raspberry pi, Honeypot, Cybercrime, Rootkits, Attacker, network, PUTTY, Nmap and Hacker.

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