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Automatic Bus Enquiry System using Android

Virendrakumar Dhotre, Namdev Sawant , Pallavi Pawar, Rajshree Salgar , Gitanjalee Hulwan, ,
Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering, SKN Sinhgad College of Engineering, 413304, India
:10.22362/ijcert/2017/v4/i4/xxxx [UNDER PROCESS]

Now people are not interested to carry systems along with them so we introduced mobile application “ABES” (Automatic bus enquiry system). Previously if we want to know any information about bus we should make a call to the enquiry system or by searching through internet. But now we can get all information about bus through this “ABES” app. In this application we are providing the all services related to the bus stand. We also provide the information about the bus time table and possible paths the all buses can travel. In this application user wants to find out the bus time from one place to another place. User needs to give the details of source and destination. Accordingly it will display the details of the bus going in that route .It is a time saving application to user. We are also providing the information about the source in which user are aware about the all the things related to that place. Number of time what happened passengers are going to the bus stand at that time bus may be late or passengers are late so that they are miss that bus they going to wait for next bus and time is also wasted , so to saving the time we will make this application. Most important benefit of this application is that, this application is not location restricted. User can use this application at any place. Because of that user can access all information related to bus at any time anywhere. This is an android based application

Virendrakumar Dhotre, “Automatic Bus Enquiry System using Android”, International Journal Of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 4(4):123-127, April-2017.

Keywords : Automatic Bus Enquiry System using Android

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