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A Survey on RFID Based Vehicle Authentication Using A Smart Card


:10.22362/ijcert/2017/v4/i3/xxxx [UNDER PROCESS]

Now a day's every system is automated in order to face new challenges. In the present days Automated systems have less manual operations, flexibility, reliability and accuracy. Due to this demand for less manual controlling, every one prefers automated control systems. Especially in the home and industries of electronics, automated systems are giving good performance and flexibility to get controlling without your involvement. We are conducting a survey in this paper based on RFID applications. In this paper, we discussed about the vehicle authentication with RFID.RFID used for the automatic tracking and detection of tagged objects through radio waves. It requires RFID tag stores digital information when it comes in the visibility of reader and reader reads the digital information and send to the server.

LITTY RAJAN, “A Survey on RFID Based Vehicle Authentication Using A Smart Card”, International Journal Of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 4(3):106-110, March-2017.

Keywords : RFID, tag , reader, rfid card, identification

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