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Felicitation of cloths for poor & needy people of villages in India

Govind Prasad Arya, Deepa Arya, Devendra Prasad, ,
Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun, Assistant Professor in Computer Science & Engineering Department, Shivalik College of Engineering, Dehradun, India

The food, cloths & houses are the basic needs of pupils. There are a number of people in the world were those living below poverty lines. They have not proper food to eat, clothes to cover their bodies and homes to live. The government is felicitating the poor and needy peoples in a number of ways. Indian government provides different types of RASHAN CARDS to the Indian families on the basis of various annual incomes i.e BPL, APL, KhadyaSuraksha cards to avail them basic foods. There are so many schemes to provide economic help to construct their homes like Indira AawasYogana. Besides these there are various schemes to provide employments to the poor people for their survival. In this research paper, we proposed a scheme/system that felicitates the need of cloth, shoes to the poor & needy peoples of any age of uttarakhand in initial stage & for the other states in further stages. Using the proposed system we collect unused/old cloth, shoes from capable (rich) peoples as a donation and after processing (tailoring, washing & packaging) distribute them to the needy peoples on a regular basis. The system will specially concentrate on children, woman of villages & be free from caste, region, religion. Methods/Statistical analysis: We collect the data from the villages of uttarakhand. A lot of poor people are not capable to buy sufficient cloths for them or for their children. We find the same situation in the rural area of Uttar Pradesh (U.P) also. Findings: Although the government is facilitating food, houses to the poor & needy peoples still there is a need of cloths to the poor peoples of the India, especially in the rural area. The proposed scheme will contribute to the betterment of society. Improvements/Applications: We have proposed a scheme for felicitation of cloth. The model is shown in below mentioned figure.

Govind Prasad Arya, Deepa Arya, Devendra Prasad, “Felicitation of cloths for poor & needy people of villages in India”, International Journal Of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 4(1):33-36, January-2017. [InnoSpace-2017:Special Edition]

Keywords : Felicitation of cloth, Poor & needy people, Problems in rural areas, Donation of cloth, Help for poor children, Social work.

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byAdityaKalra, July, 2013.

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