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New Method for Automatic Detection of Brain Tumor in Multimodal Brain Magnetic Resonance Images

Bhima K, Jagan A, , ,
BVRIT Narsapur, Telangana, India.

Brain tumor is a one of the severe life altering disease and analysis of brain imaging is a most important task of visualizing the brain inner anatomical structures, analyzing brain tumor and surgical planning. Magnetic Resonance Imaging is used to diagnose a variety of diseases in the brain and it is found to be much superior to other techniques especially for brain tissues. The main advantage is that the soft tissue differentiation is extremely high for MRI. Image processing plays vital role in medical image analysis and Image segmentation is a most conman technique for analysis of MR imaging in many clinical applications. The parallel segmentation methods and techniques are expressed for the automatic detection of tumor in multimodal brain MR Image by existing state-of-art methods. However the specific results are not being projected and established in the similar researches. Hence, this proposed work tackles about automatic segmentation and detection of tumor in multimodal brain MR images. The main aim of the proposed work to achieve high segmentation accuracy and detection of tumor in the multimodal brain MR images and it was demonstrated in multimodal brain MR Images, viz. FLAIR MRI, T1 MRI, MRI and T2 MRI. The relative performance of the Proposed Method is demonstrated over existing methods using real brain MRI and open brain MRI data sets.

Bhima K, Jagan A, “New Method for Automatic Detection of Brain Tumor in Multimodal Brain Magnetic Resonance Images ”, International Journal Of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 4(1):26-29, January-2017. [InnoSpace-2017:Special Edition]

Keywords : Brain Tumor, Watershed Method, FCMC method, Proposed Method, Bilateral Filter, Brain MR Image.

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