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A Study on Online Chatting and Blogging among Teens Age in Southwest Part of Nigeria and Its Impact: A Digital Dividend

Oyebola Blessed Olalekan, Ajayi Adeola, , ,
Department of Computer Engineering Technology, Gateway (ICT) Polytechnic Saapade, Nigeria, 2Institute for Entrepreneurship and Development Studies Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

The study surveyed the use of the Internet and social networking media as digital dividend among undergraduate students in Nigerian Polytechnic. A total of 700 questionnaires were distributed using a frequency count and percentage to select the respondents. A total of 527 questionnaires was retrieved were used for the survey. The findings revealed a high percentage use Internet and social networking media. The access point for them is mobile phones. The institution, though linked to the Internet is yet to provide access to students. Respondents subscribed for the access time through their pocket money. The use of the Internet among the students has affected the use of the school library because they claimed they got everything they needed to get in the library from the internet. Some problems they face in their use of the Internet include slowness of the server, electricity for charging their mobile phones and payment for the access time. The study recommends that the polytechnic should provide good access points for students and make it available in the library too.

Oyebola Blessed Olalekan, Ajayi Adeola, “A Study on Online Chatting and Blogging among Teens Age in Southwest Part of Nigeria and Its Impact: A Digital Dividend”, International Journal Of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 4(1):21-25, January-2017. [InnoSpace-2017:Special Edition]

Keywords : Access, Internet, Networking;, Social, Student, Telecommunication.

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