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Development of a Sim800l Based Reprogrammable Household Smart Security System with Recipient Phone Call Alert

Oyebola Blessed Olalekan, , , ,
Department of Computer Engineering Technology, Gateway (ICT) Polytechnic Saapade, Nigeria

Security has become a major issue everywhere. Home security is becoming necessary nowadays as the possibilities of intrusion are increasing day by day. A traditional home security system gives the signals regarding alarm or text alert through GSM. However, this paper proffers, also, a reprogrammable system that puts forward phone call straightway to the recipient anywhere in the world with GSM network coverage SIM800L (GSM Module) with PIC12F1840 Microcontroller and a motion sensor or detector.

Oyebola Blessed Olalekan, “Development of a Sim800l Based Reprogrammable Household Smart Security System with Recipient Phone Call Alert”, International Journal Of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 4(1):15-20, January-2017. [InnoSpace-2017:Special Edition]

Keywords : Microcontroller, SMS, Call, Security

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