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Cloud Centric loT Based Farmer’s Virtual Market place

Lalchand G. Titare, Prof. Riya Qureshi, , ,
Department of Computer Science and Engg, BIT, Ballarpur, India

Cloud computing is aimed at providing IT as a service to the cloud users on-demand basis with greater flexibility, scalability, reliability and availability with utility computing model. This new ideal model of computing has a tremendous potential in it to be utilized as a part of the agriculture furthermore in rural improvement viewpoint in creating nations like India. The fragmented supply chain and inadequate health, safety and quality mechanisms (means the quantity and quality of fruits and vegetables) often do not meet the demands of high-end or international markets. Moreover, Indian farmers receive less than a fifth of the end price for the fruits and vegetables they produce, while a long line of middlemen, transporters, wholesalers and retailers get the rest. So, the aim behind developing this app is to give India’s huge farming community a fair and consistent price for their produce. Using this android based app “Cloud centric IoT based platform for Farmer’s virtual marketplace”, this paper concentrates on how Cloud Computing idea improves virtualization of supply chains in agribusiness segment which will help some of the farmers to overcome this problem. Using these app farmers can directly connect with the end users and supply the product directly to them. Farmers can get most advance grade cultivating and virtualization of supply chains systems, additionally track and check the entire methodology from production, distribution to consumption

Lalchand G. Titare, Prof. Riya Qureshi, “Cloud Centric loT Based Farmer’s Virtual Market place”, International Journal Of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 3(12):654-658,December-2016.

Keywords : Android, Cloud of things, Internet of Things, Virtual Commerce, Agriculture.

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