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Selection and Maintenance of Materialized View using Genetic Algorithm

Ramesh S Gawali, Prof. Mrunali G. Vaidya, , ,
BIT Ballarpur Gondwana University ,India

Data warehouse is a repository of large amount of data collected from multiple heterogeneous and distributed data sources. Quick response time and accuracy are the key points for success of any database. Performance of query can be improved by different approaches like query optimization, use of proper data structure etc. But leaving all these alternatives we are planning to use materialized view approach

Ramesh S Gawali, ,Prof. Mrunali G. Vaidya," Selection and Maintenance of Materialized View using Genetic Algorithm”, International Journal Of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 3(12):629-631,December-2016.

Keywords : data ware house, materialized view, optimization Query.

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