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Accident Tracking and Visual Sharing Using RFID and SDN

Ms.Alpana Gopi , Ms.Litty Rajan , Ms.Surya Rajan ,Ms.Divya P R and Mrs.Shini Renjith, ,
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SBCE, Pattoor
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In this era, many situations request tracking systems. GPS can be used for location tracking, but it has some limitations. By analyzing the problems of using GPS for location tracking, RFID technology integrated with SDN for vehicle tracking has put forward in this paper. In case of road accidents RFID can be used to track the vehicle thereby the authority get information about the vehicle and its owner. With the help of SDN visual sharing is also possible which is useful in case of getting accident claims. This system overcomes the limitations of vehicle tracking using GPS. The main goal of this paper is complete solution architecture for locating, tracking and informing the authority in the right time when accidents are detected.

Alpana Gopi et al. ," Accident Tracking and Visual Sharing Using RFID and SDN”, International Journal of Computer Engineering In Research Trends, 3(10):544-549, October-2016.

Keywords : IoT, RFID, SDN, Tracking, Visual Sharing.

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