A Blockchain-based Framework for Enhancing Privacy and Security in Online Transactions

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Ali Vatankhah Barenji
Yaling Zhang
M Bhavsingh


In the contemporary digital age, the assurance of privacy and security in online transactions remains a paramount concern. This research meticulously introduces and investigates a ground-breaking blockchain-based framework, specifically tailored to address and enhance these aspects. The principal objective of this study is to offer a comprehensive solution to a spectrum of challenges currently prevalent in existing transaction systems. Traditional systems often grapple with a host of issues, including vulnerability to security breaches, inadequate privacy safeguards, latency in transaction processing, and challenges in scalability. These systems, often centralized, present single points of failure and frequently fall short in offering robust privacy-preserving mechanisms. To mitigate these challenges and bridge the gaps identified in the current landscape, the proposed framework ingeniously amalgamates advanced cryptographic techniques, decentralized protocols, and smart contracts. The design ensures a robust and transparent mechanism that eliminates single points of failure, thereby significantly enhancing security. The methodology adopted in this research involves a thorough evaluation and assessment of the proposed framework against a series of key metrics. These include security robustness, privacy assurance, transaction throughput, latency, and cost-effectiveness, among others. The findings from this study underscore several noteworthy achievements of the proposed framework. It exhibits a remarkable increase in transaction throughput, processing at a rate that is approximately double compared to existing systems. Additionally, the latency observed in the transaction confirmation process is significantly reduced, ensuring swift and efficient transactions. The framework also demonstrates a robust resistance to common security threats and attacks. Furthermore, the implementation ensures user anonymity and privacy are upheld through cryptographic techniques, thereby addressing privacy concerns prevalent in current systems. Optimal resource utilization is maintained, ensuring the framework is not only secure and private but also efficient. In conclusion, this research presents a compelling case for the adoption of the proposed blockchain-based framework as a potent solution to the myriad of issues identified in existing transaction systems. The study contributes significantly to the discourse on secure and privacy-preserving online transactions, presenting a framework that is not only theoretically sound but also practically viable.

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Ali Vatankhah Barenji, Yaling Zhang, and M Bhavsingh, “A Blockchain-based Framework for Enhancing Privacy and Security in Online Transactions ”, Int. J. Comput. Eng. Res. Trends, vol. 10, no. 11, pp. 1–9, Nov. 2023.
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